VinPOWER YMM (Year-Make-Model) Tables

We offer 6 key Motor Vehicle Categories:
VinPOWER Basic* Class 1 – 3 vehicles (NHTSA).
VinPOWER Heavy Trucks Module, Class 4 – 8 or Greater (NHTSA).
VinPOWER Motorcycles Module
VinPOWER Buses Module
VinPOWER RV’s Module
VinPOWER Trailers Module
VinPOWER Basic* vehicle module, defined as an on-road motorized registerable vehicles under 14,000 lbs., with an
annual motor vehicle production greater than 500 units (vehicles). Data coverage for the core VIN data attributes starts from
1981 up through present day. See next page for core VIN attributes. VinPOWER Basic* vehicle module has additional Add
On Data (non-core VIN Data). Such as MSRP, Weights, Factory warranty, and more. We also do custom mapping if you
require it. See next page for Add On Data VIN attributes.

VIN’s are meant to be decoded for true compliant ISO-3779 and
NHTSA Title 49 authorization. We are not a VIN look up company. ESP has been the only VIN data supplier that has collected and cataloged over 750,000 original OEM VIN data sheets dating back to 1981. If you’re not using VinPOWER then your data may be noncompliant or worse, inaccurate.

Core VIN Data Attributes

(when available or if applicable)

Basic* ModuleHeavy TrucksMotorcycleRV-Bus-ChassisTrailers
Trim Level
B. Transmission
C. Drive Line Type
D. Fuel Type
E. GVWR Class
F. GVWR Range
G. Body Type
H. Vehicle Type
I. Vehicle Class
J. Manufacturer
K. Country
L. Assembly Plant
M. Restraint System
N. Hybrid Type
O. Brake System
P. Engine Manufacturer
Q. Engine Series Code
R. Local Model
S. Local Trim
T. Local Series
U. Local Make
V. Cab Type
W. Tonnage
Motorcycle Type
Trailer Type; Length, Axle
Add On Data (non-core VIN Data) :
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)**
Curb Weight**
Dimensions (WB, L, W, H)**
Factory Warranty**
Mobile 6
Enhanced Data**
**Data Coverage from 2010 – Present