Vin Data Development Company

Who is VIN d.b.a. ESP Data Solutions, Inc.. ESP began as a software development company for car dealerships in 1995, then became a Vin data development company. We have been the automotive industry’s trusted VIN Decoder resource. Collectively we have decoded Billions of VIN’s. We have collected close to a million VIN dockets from NHTSA and OEM’S for all vehicle types and trailer builders. We cover over 5,000 OEM manufacturers. Over the years we have developed many software proprietary algorithms assuring you that our processes follow ISO 3779 and NHTSA Title 49 standards. If the VIN isn’t to specification, then how can your VIN data be?

Company Timeline

  • 2020


  • 5 Billion VINS Decoded Milestone

  • 2019

    ESP Data Releases OEM Enhanced Data

  • 2018

    ESP Data Releases VinDecoder BETA OEM Enhanced Data

  • 2017

    TSB Mapping Incorporated

  • 2014

    ESP Data Forms Strategic Alliance with Experian Automotive

  • 2013

    VinGeneratorTM Released

  • 2012

    VinGeneratorTM BETA Released

  • 2011

    NHTSA Recall Mapping Released

  • ESP Data releases SquishVIN

  • AutoTrader acquires VinSolutionsTM

  • 2010

    ESP Data ReleasesTM NCIC Mapping w / Vin Decoder Capability

  • 1 Billion VINS Decoded Milestone

  • SquishVINTM VinData Released

  • 2009

    Kelly Blue Book Aquires VinStickersTM

  • 2006

    VinPOWERTM .NET VinDecoder Released

  • VinSolutionsTM Incorporated

  • 2005

    VinPOWERTM Releases RV, Trailer, Bus,
    Chassis VinDecoder

  • VinPower.NET Vin Decoder Development

  • Auto Parts VinDecoder 2 Parts Integration

  • VinPOWERTM Mobile 6 VinDecoder

  • 2004

    VinPOWERTM VinDecoder 4 PDA Released

  • VinStic VinStickersTM Incorporated

  • 2004

    VinLINK.comTM WEB Services VinDecoder

  • VinPowerTM Releases Motorcycle

  • VinLINK.comTM VinDecoder AAIA-ACES

  • 2002

    VinPowerTM Releases Heavy Truck

  • VinStic VinStickersTM Incorporated

  • VinPowerTM Releases Heavy Truck

  • 2000

    Auto-Use F & I Software Released

  • VinPOWERTM Active X DLL VinDecoder
    Released Basic Module Motor Vehicles
    Under 14,000 GVWR

  • 1999

    Massachusetts Police BookTM Released w /

  • 1996

    VinPOWERTM Active X DLL VinDecoder
    Development Begins